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Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

Inspired (and distressed) by an enlightening conversation with Paul Moulds and Robbin Moulds, The Pure Collective co-created a pilot program with him called “Symbols of Hope” in 2017. Made possible by the generosity of property group, Charter Hall. A community driven scholarship program to empower people who have fallen through gaps in the system.  What started as a training program assisting refugees and asylum seekers will this year expand to also include a multi format  training and employment program open to at-risk youth, indigenous Australians and people living with mental illness and disabilities. The above training numbers were in addition to its work with Bright Hospitality which paid for over 1,577 hours of training for other disadvantaged groups towards their Cert III in hospitality. Taking total group training to over 4000 hours of training, preparing students and scholarship recipients for employment and self sufficiency.

The scholarship program and training model was originally built for refugees and asylum seekers who did not have access to work rights and also did not receive any government benefits, but who were legally allowed to be in the country. Many were overcoming significant trauma and were being forced into working illegally and sleeping in parks or in cars. Many of the women we came across had experienced some form of abuse. The program gives them support - a way to get their life back on track, build confidence, develop new skills and prepare for a time in the future when they were legally allowed to enter the workforce. It also allowed them to witness the other welcoming side of the Australian culture, which many had not experienced.

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Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

This scholarship was offered initially as an enhancement to the core support services provided by the Asylum Seeker Project run by the The Salvation Army in Auburn.


The longer term goal is to expand this pilot program to broader categories of marginalised and disadvantaged groups within our society, across the different social businesses that make up The Pure Collective.

The scholarship includes a hospitality training program, that provides students with specialised skills, customer service training and professional development in hospitality. This allows them to support their pursuit of longer term career aspirations or further education. Participants also have access to personal development programs to help establish and work towards personal long term goals, in any aspect of their life.

The hospitality training program allows the experienced team to oversee learning at our venues and educate participants about workplace expectations to help prepare them for employment. 

The partnership with Salvation Army Auburn means refugees and asylum  seekers in the program are provided with housing, basic needs, travel costs, food, uniforms and counselling, along with the opportunity for mentorship.


Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

Symbol (65 Berry Street, North Sydney) was proud to host the first and original pilot program participants and since then the group has been excited to support the more formal expansion of this innovative, empowerment program.

Participants have since been trained across all other venues in some capacity. We look forward to the growth of our catering business so we can make an even greater impact through increased capacity.


​​​Since early 2019, we have noticed a decline in refugees without work rights in Australia, and hence have begun to broaden the scope to include new participants  from a wide range of different  backgrounds.


With any business surpluses, beyond our impact jars voting model, flowing through The Pure Foundation, we have made the commitment to co-funding the Symbols of Hope program.

For more information please find below two page summary of the pilot program:

We are extremely grateful to program partners Paul and Robbin Moulds and the Salvation Army Refugee Centre in Auburn and co-funding partners:

Charter Hall

Planet Wheeler Foundation

Shark Island Institute

The Sky Foundation

The Pure Foundation


Mariama (above)  Symbols of Hope Scholarship Recipient                                                                                                                                                                                       Portrait by Kathrin Longhurst


Practical work experience

and short training sessions 


For young people living with mental illness, at-risk youth and indigenous young people.



(Pictured) Barista Training at Portal, 1 Martin Place in partnership with Batyr                                                                                                                                                                               

In 2019, Symbols of Hope (SOH) expanded into different formats of training through short intensives classes and support sessions. Hosted at Portal in 1 Martin Place and thanks to the generosity of both Charter Hall and one for the group's first employees (and original Gratia Head Barista, Steven Li). The format of these sessions is to allow the group's model to benefit a wider range of people facing all kinds of different challenges. Classes can be one off introductory lessons or a five part expert  masterclass. Groups are usually one to two or even one on one, to allow for a very personal approach and intensive learning opportunity.  The class is currently focused mainly on young people who need a little bit more confidence in the work place, for a range of different reasons. It is a less scary and more accessible way to build foundational knowledge. Hospitality is a great industry to help people confront their challenges, especially in a welcoming, friendly and safe environment with an experienced trainer. We receive great feedback from students and organisations alike as it can be very helpful for both self esteem and for future employment and income  purposes to have practical skills in the field. For our participants that come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, cost would also be a big traditional barrier, as five sessions of 'one on one' training with a master trainer could normally cost in excess of $600 - $800.  An average practice session may see an aspiring barista pour up to 35-40 coffees in a 2-3 hour session, not the kind of experience offered by many Sydney cafes to a first time employee.  The program is open a wide range of attendees/students, in partnership with number of different not for profit organisations. If you are a charity that think you may be suited to partner with The Pure Collective's Hope Sessions, or more information please complete the form below (or write to

Not For Profit Partner Enquiries

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